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Pastor, Leadership Coach, Writer and Communicator

Matt Swifty Perry is a Pastor, Leadership Coach, Writer and Communicator.

He has gotten opportunities to preach around the world and has been able to sit under some of the worlds most dynamic leaders.

He is a part of the John Maxwell Team and holds a coaching license from the network.

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"Matt has challenged my methodology of how I lead my ministry. He has helped me clearly define my goals, and create organized systems to reach those goals to help us grow." 

Tyler Perry - Youth Pastor at Immanuel Church 

"Matt has helped me think deeply about my methods and structures in ministry. He has helped me intentionally define and plan my goals. He has helped create steps to get us to the next level. As well as in my own personal leadership. "

Jeremy Cannon - Youth Pastor and MDIV Graduate from Gateway Seminary. 

Goal Digger

How to reach your goals by focusing on the shovel and not the hole. When you were growing up, did you ever dig a hole? Maybe it was at the beach, or maybe your story was like mine. One day my parents asked me to in the backyard. I thought I was cool because i…
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Stop Just Reading the Bible

One thing i love about being a Christian is that it is a relationship with Jesus himself. Their is freedom in our relationship. The thing that separates other religions from following Jesus is just that. Freedom. One thing I am free to do is study God’s Word for myself. I don’t need a priest to…
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Don’t Waste Your Trials

I always thought that I have been a good guy. So, why do bad things happen to me? Why did my friend just die? Why did this person develop cancer, God, they love you? How come I didn’t get this job I worked so hard for? Why didn’t you help me out, God? Everyone goes…
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Do You Really Believe in God?

  I grew up in church my whole life. When I was growing up I believed God existed. I believed Jesus lived on earth. I even believed He died on the cross for my sins. Even the demons knew God existed according to (James 2:19).  Believing that God exists is not enough. Believing that Jesus…
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How Can I Be A Better Christian?

How can i be a better Christian? Being a Christian is hard; sometimes I’m just not good at it. After church I’m excited and I say to myself no matter what Satan throws at me I’m going to say no and go home and read my Bible. When Tuesday hits my Bible is closed, I…
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